Classic Lashes

Also known as individual lashes. This is when i apply one extension to one natural lash. The extension thickness and lengths are carefully selected following an assessment of the natural lashes health. This gives a very natural everyday mascara effect. Application time 60-120 minutes.

Flat Lashes

These are a relatively new addition to the lash industry. They allow me to extend the length of the extensions safely. Due to the design of this extension they give a more dramatic effect because they appear thicker and are great for everyday wear. They are also applied on a 1:1 ratio. Application time 60-120 minutes.

Volume Lashes

Also known as Russian Volume and less commonly Hollywood/American Volume. This is where I hand make a pretty little fluffy fan using multiple lightweight extensions, using anything from 2-8 extensions which I then attach to the natural lash. Volume gives a much fuller, softer and fluffy effect. Application time 2-3 hours.

Hybrid Lashes

This is a combination of classic and volume lashes, this gives a lovely textured effect and perfect for those who cannot chose between classic and volume. Application time 2 hours.

Lash Lift & Tint

This is a fabulous, maintenance free treatment that can last between 8-12 weeks. It involves attaching the natural lashes to a silicone rod and applying a series of solutions to alter the structure of the lashes, they are then set in the new lifted position and tinted to give a lovely mascara effect. Treatment time 45 minutes.

Eyebrow Tinting

To define and intensify the colour of the natural hairs of the brow. Treatment time 20 minutes.

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Work, file, shape and buff to shine. Treatment time approximately 30 minutes.

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Manicure Or Pedicure Gel Polish

Cuticle work, file shape & application of gel polish. Treatment time 60 mins. Extra for nail art.

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Nail Enhancements

Using acrylic or a hard gel material that soaks off the same as a gel polish. Treatment time 2-3 hours.

NOTE – Lash by Lash refuses to use cluster/party lashes. On occasions I will chose to use pre-made volume fans that I have sourced and tested thoroughly to ensure safety is maintained. Only the highest quality products are used. All times are approximate.

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Mentoring & Training Courses

Sessions that are tailored to you. You tell me what you need or want help with.

This is compulsory for all new clients for lash or brow treatments. The appointment lasts up to 15 minutes. It involves us having a chat about what you would like to achieve, I assess the natural lashes and then I apply a few extensions to each eye with adhesive and use all products that will be used for the full set appointment, this is to try to minimise the chance of an allergic reaction.

Patch testing is never 100% guaranteed to prevent a reaction as we are only exposing you to a very small amount of product and for a short period of time. Photos are then taken to allow me to style you prior to your full set appointment.